Playscape Edible ~ It's all about learning to grow nutritious food sustainably

Playscape Edible Programmes

We've come up with three programmes to ensure there's something for all centres regardless of how much outdoor space, or time, you've got. Have a read below to find out which programme would be the best fit for you and your ECE centre. We've named each programme like a menu item... after all, it's edible!

STARTER Programme

Like the title, this programme will be the one for you if you're just starting out with growing vegetables at your centre. Or alternatively, if you've got your vegetable garden established but find it a little overwhelming to keep it productive all year round.

What you'll get in your Playscape Edible Starter Programme:

We know you work all year round and so should your edible programme. So at the start of your programme, we'll either deliver or mail your starter pack. Instead of getting a boring old box in the mail, you can look forward to one of our Playscape Edible flexibuckets! This will be filled with:

  • Four seasonal calendars;
  • Seeds and/or seedlings (these are matched to the season);
  • And a "What's on the Menu?" folder, featuring:
    • Weekly bucket lists that tell you what tasks and activities to do with your little helpers;
    • Four seasonal shopping lists so you know what vegetables to purchase and when to plant them;
    • Stickers for your calendar to monitor progress;
    • A list of curriculum links to help with planning;
    • And some instructions to explain how your programme works.

By the end of the first year, you and your kids will have learnt about growing seasonal vegetables and all that it encompasses including composting, pest control, garden maintenance and watering.

Playscape Edible ~ Starter Programme

STARTER Programme

NZ$300.00 +GST/year

No monthly payment option

ENTRÉE Programme

We've added an upgrade to the Starter Programme to bring you our Playscape Edible Entrée Programme. Just like with the Starter Programme, you'll receive your Entrée pack at the beginning of the programme. However, here's where the upgrade begins. Instead of receiving just the one flexibucket per programme, you can expect a flexibucket containing seeds and seedlings at the start of each season, either delivered or mailed to your centre.

Playscape Edible ~ Entree Programme

ENTRÉE Programme

NZ$800 +GST/year

No monthly payment option

MAIN Programme

This one's for you if you're super keen and want the whole package. A Playscape Edible Main Programme will get you an inspiring and innovative Playscape environment that has almost everything edible. You'll also be receiving the same support that our Entrée subscribers get.

Initially you'll be liaising with our Playscape team to build your dream Playscape and then Playscape Edible will design your green spaces to be almost entirely edible! We'll include vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, water tanks, worm farms, chicken runs, vertical gardens, bug hotels, tea barrels... the list just goes on. Contact Playscape if the Main Programme is the one for you.